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SOLARPRO: Geyser burst? Fifty percent discount on Solar

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Time to make the change to solar water heating.

Do the maths. If you had to pay half your electricity bill for the next two years, you should be on target. Solar water heating has internationally proven itself to save between 40 and 60% on your electricity bill.

Have a look every time your geyser switches on, your electricity dispensers red lightflashes. 

Red light? Its called pay as you go with nothing to show. 

Time to make the change to solar water heating. SOLARPRO has been manufacturing and marketing geyser solar heating for over three decades.

We have qualified solar geyser installers with many years experience. We do a full geyser assesment and will design a geyser solar heating system for your hot water requirements.

Also, your geyser bursts or leaks it is time to make the change to solar geyser heating. As the owner of your insurance policy you have the perfect opportunity to make the right investment to solar heating.

Taking into account the money that is due to you on your insured geyser, a solar geyser and panel can be installed for as little as R8 000. A solar geyser alone can be installed for almost the amount your geyser is insured for (you are half way there).

We offer our clients the highest quality product and will better anu quotation who can mtach our guarantees.

Contact us for a free geyser assessment and quotation on the following numbers: 021 715 6751 or 021 510 8803 or on 083 270 7851.


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