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The city council’s site has interesting information beyond the new property valuations

In Cape Town, we are moving towards our next property rates increase and the council has been sending out their new assessments of our property values. 

I glanced at mine a month ago and put it in the pile of things to do, where it quickly got lost. Sitting down to decide what to write about, I went through the pile for inspiration and found it. So, let’s chat about your rates.

You have until the end of this month, if you want to lodge an objection, as long as you do it electronically. I spent an interesting morning seeing what information about rates is on the council’s website.

Begin by going to and, under “property valuations”, go to “current and upcoming valuations” then “find out more about property valuations” followed by “view the General Valuation Roll for 2018”.

Type in your address and follow the instructions. You can find out your property value, sales in the area, your rates estimation and print the dispute form.

You can type in any address and get the details of that property. I will lodge an objection on one of my properties as the valuation makes no sense, considering its size (small), the neighbouring properties and sales in the area. I will keep you posted.

If you have a question for Don, send it to or SMS only to 0824463859


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