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Saving rainwater

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Going green and off-grid for water and power improves your home's resale value

Mrs Mac is back and to maintain a
cordial relationship I have tidied
the garage – it is amazing what
you can get into cupboards.

Andrew, who asked whether he should
chlorinate his rainwater, has answered my
question about the cost of his set-up and ends
with a telling point.
He got his tanks on specials by shopping
around and paid just under R10 000 for four
2 500-litre tanks. 
The pumps, connections and
filter cost another R6 000. Andrew lives alone,
so believes 10 000 litres will last him for more
than four months.
He has a large roof area and backwashes
his pool into a separate tank, re-using that
water in the pool and garden. 
He also has a
water filter in the kitchen for drinking water.
He adds: “Remember, it is an investment in
that your house value goes up the more you
go off-grid for water and electricity.” 
I agree with Andrew about considering the
resale value of your property, because there
is a point in all our lives where we are going
to have to sell and downscale. 
There is no
doubting the fact that the cost of water and
electricity will go on rising, so ensuring your
property has a greener footprint will make it
more attractive to future purchasers. 
I have not really focused on the collection
of rainwater to date as to be honest I have
been missing the obvious. I have mistakenly
associated rainwater with the watering of gardens
and because I am lucky enough to have a
borehole I’ve felt that installing tanks to catch
rainwater is pointless. 
How wrong I have been; how we save water
is a help for all of us. I will start looking at
this in more detail and report back on how
to get the stored water into your household
Apologies to all of you who have sent in further
comments on our water problems – I will
reply and add comments next week, but we
also need to catch up with other questions.
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