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Safety nets

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Make sure builders don’t leave you in a difficult situation, and that your home is secure

While you are reading this, there will be only 10 working days left until the builders’ holidays, and you are going to be left high and dry for four weeks unless you have put everything in place to ensure that if any project is not going to be finished, you will still be able to operate. Any true contractor will be pulling out all the stops to ensure his client will be okay.

However, you should still make sure you have a standby plan. Start by ensuring you have all the necessary contact details for people who have been involved in your project, especially electricians and plumbers.

Calling in someone who has not been part of the team over the holiday season will cost you an arm and a leg. As builders close for their break and you go into holiday mode, criminals ramp up their operations because they know people are starting to drop their guard.

If you are left vulnerable because of incomplete work, please ensure you have the necessary security interventions in place to protect your property and goods.

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