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Q&A with Handy Mac: Water issue

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Andrew is ready to tackle rain water

Andrew writes: 

Q: As a keen DIY person, I have already converted most of my home to solar power. Now I am busy
with my next project, rain water. At the moment I have 10 000 litres of water. My next step is to hook up a 40 AMIAD Tag Filter and SM 200 Salflo Pump, 24 L Hori Pressure Pump Wave Kit and Controller to go off the municipal water system, but in such a way that if I ever run out of water, I can switch back to municipal water with a system of valves. 
My question is: should I chlorinate the tank water? And, if so, how? Would I then on a regular basis test the water for chlorine and is there a test kit available? 
A: This is well away from my field of expertise, but I’m including it in the hope a reader can
help. My guess is it depends what you intend using the water for. Also, I am interested to know what the cost of the set-up is
although 10 000 litres is a fair amount of water, with the winter almost over, the rains almost finished, is this a cost-effective
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