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Q&A with Handy Mac: Swimming pool issues

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Maureen and Philip seek advice on what can be done while we are experiencing a drought.

Maureen and Philip wrote: Q: The water level has gone down in my pool so much so I cannot run my pump, so although my pool water is clear, there is sediment on the pool floor, which is stirred up when people swim and the water becomes cloudy. To save water we now use yellow borehole water to keep the pool full and are trying to deal with the colour with chemicals; anything to save precious drinking water. Is there anything that can be done about this? I live in Rosebank, close to Rondebosch Common.

A: I think that you are lucky your water has remained clear without your pump running. I suspect it is only a matter of time before it turns green and as the weather gets colder, people are going to stop swimming anyway. So, you can decide not to look at it until we get some rain, or the water restrictions are lifted, or buy a pool cover and fill it up again. I have a feeling that most people are simply ignoring their pools until water problems are solved.
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