Saturday, April 20

Q&A with Handy Mac: Retro trend for teen’s bedroom

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Annette in Kalk Bay asks:

We are redecorating our teenager’s bedroom and want to stick old vinyl records on the ceiling. Most products say one of the surfaces must be porous. Is painted rhino board porous, and what is the best adhesive to use?

A: I was beginning to think Mrs Mac was trying to set me up as this is similar to ideas she has for our “iconic” bathroom, which is a work in progress, and under no circumstances am I allowed to publish photographs until she says so.

Checking on the internet, this appears to be a popular “retro” trend, and there are some amazing ideas which really look stunning.

I know this may not quite be building DIY, but having had quite a torrid session on Cape Talk the other day, it is becoming obvious that readers and listeners want more than just the next coat of paint, so I will give anything a go.

Annette, the first thing is to check with your teen that this is what he or she wants. When my boys were teens it was always a case of: “It’s my room, Dad. Move your ideas to another room.”

There are so many products on the market now that you can virtually stick anything to anything. Every surface has some amount of porosity, but maybe not enough if the surface is really shiny. It is all about preparation and you need to roughen up the surfaces, or at least break down the outer barrier, and ensure both surfaces are clean.

I assume the records are not destined for re-use, so you are happy to scratch them to help form a bond. So sanding the back of the record with a heavy grit sandpaper won’t be a problem.

The colour of the inner label of the record is important as you need the right pattern, with the correct spacing. So having worked out what you want it to look like, mark out the ceiling and sand where you want the records to go.

I always seem to get glue everywhere so I suggest you use something like No More Nails.

You have sparked my interest and I know Mrs Mac will want me to give it a bash, so hold on for a week and I will report back after a few trials.

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