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Q&A with Handy Mac: Pool problem

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Q&A with Handy Mac: Pool problem

Q: I have been reading your recent expert advice on swimming pools. I am 64, recently widowed, and am still living in the
home we purchased in 1992. The swimming pool was always kept in pristine condition and I was the one who always did the back-washing
etc. But a few months ago, it became apparent that a pipe needs replacing between the sand filter and the weir box.
With the stringent water restrictions, I have left it, as not being able to top it up, means I cannot circulate the water as the level is now below the weir box. I would like to sell my house and move to a smaller home, with no maintenance. I have read your advice saying it is not good to use gunite if the pool is empty. Could you recommend someone who is not going to charge me the earth and try to rip me off. I am fairly tech savvy so know what needs doing! I was considering repairing the pipe problem and then using fibreglass. 

A: I doubt if some of the gunite being dry for a while will be a major problem, but obviously, you cannot sell the house if the pool has a bad leak. A pristine house with everything in working order will always fetch a better price. You are to be commended for refusing to use water just to fill a pool. I will send you the names of two pool companies I have been recommending. To date nobody has come back to me complaining about their service. I must admit the recommendations have been more for fibreglassing than for repairs, and I would suggest that you get a couple of quotes for the replacement of the leaking pipe. Some of the “pool shops” may be cheaper for maintenance work than the larger pool companies.
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