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Q&A with Handy Mac: Expertise wanted in Barrydale

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Retha needs building assessor and Devi has a plumbing problem

I continue to be amazed at how far and wide my column is read or put online. Ian called me last week to say he read an article I wrote on building a braai. That was a few years ago, but it is still circulating.

Joachim Bittkau sent the following to Retha: Unfortunately I cannot help you with building costs per square metre. I cost my jobs accurately and recommend you contact Don MacAlister. He will probably be able to recommend a building assessor in Barrydale. SO Retha sent me the following:

Q: Please provide contact details for a building assessor in the Barrydale/ Riversdale district.

A: We are looking for someone in or near Barrydale who can value buildings. If any reader can recommend someone, please contact me and I will pass on the details. It’s possible to use Google Maps to calculate the area of a building, so values at risk can be worked out from a remote venue. It’s just a case of finding someone to do it, agree on a price and send photos so the valuer can get a feel of the standard of finishes.

Q: About a year ago I had my entire en-suite demolished and a shower room installed. The plumber was recommended by the company where I bought the shower door. Recently I had my main bathroom demolished and done up by the same plumber, but when we use both the water doesn’t flow out and the main bathroom water flows slowly. I am looking for another plumber to fix this. When someone is in the shower we don’t open other taps as the water temperature changes and in the shower it becomes dangerously hot.

A: The swing in your water temperatures is probably because your water supply is not balanced properly, which is something only a registered plumber will be able to sort out. 


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