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Q&A with Handy Mac: Concrete floors

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How to deal with those cracks

I’m keeping this question anonymous as it raises concerns; I have edited it. 

Q:A few weeks ago, we were asked to lay a new concrete floor on top off a damaged concrete floor. One section did not set properly as we feel the client did not give it sufficient time to do so. We used a humidifier to try and dry the floor more quickly. We asked the client to give the floor at least three days to set properly, but they would not listen. A day-and-a-half later they were on the floor with trolleys etc. As a result, the floor started to break up. The mix used for the floor was: two wheelbarrows of sand; two of stone and one bag of cement (PPC). 

A:I do not have the expertise to comment in depth, the structural side would best be answered by a suitably qualified engineer. I think it highlights the fact that perhaps the client and contractors went ahead with something for which they were not suitably qualified. If you want to build properly, employ professionals. Off the top of my head on this one, was there enough depth to lay “concrete”? I would not try to cure quickly by using a humidifier; maybe rapid-hardening cement would have been a better option. I think the mix may be a little weak; a professional could comment.

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