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Q&A with Handy Mac: A pool specialist who can turn your water into wine

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Penny wants her swimming pool water to be sparkling blue and looking healthy.

Q: Please may we have contact details for a pool specialist able to help with getting swimming pool water back to sparkling blue and looking healthy. With sincere thanks. Penny

A: I am not sure if there is such a person as a pool specialist who can turn your water into wine. I have great faith in my pool shop, but even they could not find a solution to my problem because although the pool looked bad, the tests were showing the water, from a chemical point of view, was perfect.

There are so many variants that it becomes a hit-and-miss exercise. For weeks I scratched my head. I was convinced it was my well-point water but was not prepared to use municipal water, and hopefully will never do so again.

I believe that because we’ve all tried to save water, we have not back-washed our pools properly for months, if not years. I bit the bullet and was using water out of my filter tanks, (which clean up our well-point water) to keep the pool topped up, and back-washed regularly.

I could not believe what was being washed out of the filter on backwash. No wonder the pool was not sparkling. We have now returned to a crystal-clear pool, albeit at a cost of manufacturing crystal-clear water. A pool needs chlorine in the correct dosage and the PH must be right.

Pools will always cost you money and everybody has a different option. My friend Muneeb from Radiant Pools was here the other day because we have a leak.

The first thing he told me was that my pump was too small for the pool size. I changed to an eco-system years ago, which required a smaller pump, and my water is clear, so it was not the pump size. Everybody also says you must have a top-of-the-range pool cleaner.

Because of the smaller pump, I invested in an electric cleaner, which is fine, but it needs a service, so I bought the cheapest suction cleaner I could find. Lo and behold, with its one moving part, it is doing an amazing job. So who really knows what?

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