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Pressure in the pipeline

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Anecdotes and assumptions keep flowing, unlike the water supply

Try as I might to get off the subject of water,
I am afraid there is still so much we are not
being told by officialdom that I must keep
stressing what we need to know.
What is the plan for five months’ time, Mrs Mayor or
Madame Premier? 
Five months is not a long time – do
we need to start stocking up on bottled water now, do
we need to start buying 20l containers to take with us
to the ration queue, are there going to be queues or are
the bowsers – if you have any, or enough – going to go
from door to door or street to street? Who is going to
control the water thieves?
This all seems like Doomsday stuff and we don’t need
panic, but until someone states the plan in writing we
are all left wondering. The reality is that noone knows,
or certainly can’t forecast the weather, but in the interim
people are trying whatever is possible to supplement
their present water supplies and all sorts of stories are
starting to come in. 
Owners of blocks of flats are looking at putting boreholes
in their parking basements, while companies are
suggesting to their staff that they will have to work from
home, as trying to control water usage in a large office
block is almost impossible and extremely expensive. 
The road between Cape Town and Hermanus – where
there are no restrictions – is getting busier as people
head off to their holiday homes every weekend to do the
washing and to bring water back. 
This is all anecdotal,
but as the pressure rises (excuse the pun) people will
become more desperate.
I have had the results of my wellpoint water back,
and to understand them you need to be scientifically
inclined. You need to go to an expert, but who are the
real experts? 
It is becoming apparent that for every
genuinely concerned supplier, there are another three
money-grabbing opportunists.
How do you know if you need a R100 000 system or a
R15 000 system, or do you just throw some bleach into
your borehole water and hope for the best?
Mike and Leigh comment:
I agree we should all be looking to save water, but
the city is not transparent in their plan to solve future
problems. Many countries (like Israel) have worked out
solutions to their water shortage, such as desalination.
How do we put pressure on the powers that be to get
off their bums and put processes in place, and tell us
what these plans are, so that in two years we can have
an adequate water supply? 
I go to Hermanus for weekends
and observe waterfalls flowing off the mountains
and into the sea – then they tell us to save water?
It is quite appalling to see the misuse/waste of water
in the toilets of shopping malls, hotels, restaurants,
etc. Most basin taps are on timers and run far too long.
Would it not be feasible to “block” taps in these places
and provide anti-bacterial hand sanitisers?
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