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Passionate team at SA Solar Products sources the finest products from around the world

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It’s our aim to help YOU beat load shedding and ever-increasing electricity prices. Making you more independent from the unreliable electricity supply.

At SA Solar Products we pride ourselves on the highest standard and quality of work.

We have experienced professional technicians that ensure the consistent, accurate and correctly designed solutions for your peace of mind. We offer a wide variety of products and services to cater for all your solar needs.

Our team is passionate about Solar energy and works hard to source the finest products from around the world. Every product and service that we include in our various ranges has been carefully screened to ensure that they meet our high standards.

As a result, we have quickly earned a reputation within the industry for quality and reliability. All of this is now available to you conveniently from just one company that you can trust! ”It’s amazing how we have the technology to turn the sun rays into usable electricity! It’s like a miracle from nature.”

Load shedding has taken its toll on most South Africans and it’s only just begun. SA Solar Products are based in the Helderberg for the past 20 years.

Our experience is backed up by more than 37 years of hands on practical experience installing solar equipment throughout the Western Cape.

During this period we have used products sourced from reputable companies in the solar industry who can back up their claims and honour their guarantees. 

We are able to offer clients what we feel is not only a superior product but also provides value for money.


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