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Non-potable H2O kicks in

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The construction industry is doing everything possible to save water

We are finally getting some water through our basic filtering system at home, but what a relief to flush the toilet knowing it is using non-potable water and helping with the problem I talk about under “tip of the week”. 

I need another week of testing and filtering and then the washing machine will come on line. In the interim we are using swimming pool water and pumping it into the machine with a submersible pump. The pool is also surviving on filtered wellpoint water. 
The law around boreholes still appears cloudy and I have decided that if I can give others a better chance of having more water by using my wellpoint, then that is what I will do. The only tap that is switched on now is in the shower, which has a reduced flow head and never runs for more than a minute. 
Cooking and drinking water is bought. I must say thanks to Sam from Sam’s Irrigation for great advice, and my plumber David Rich, who managed to put the whole thing together. 
The building industry has been taking some flack for the use of water, but I can assure you members of the Master Builders Association are doing whatever is possible to ensure only non-potable water is used. 
There is a steady queue of tankers of all sizes and descriptions turning up at City of Cape Town sites providing treated effluent water. Tests are constantly being undertaken to ensure this water will not harm employees, clients or the strength of concrete. 
My guess is there are other industries using much more water than the builders. Most concrete on major building sites is supplied by ready-mix companies, and these companies have definitely turned to using non-potable water. I am not trying to defend any one as there will
always be someone who knows better or has a “smart” answer.
On a Facebook page I was recently accused of
making the water crisis worse because I enjoy a steak. Vegetables, of course, don’t need water. The bottom line is: let’s concentrate on helping each other rather than attacking on subjects we don’t know much about.
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