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NewLife Plastics going strong

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NewLife Plastics was born for a specific purpose, in a recycling and eco-aware environment that has since allowed it to sustain and grow at a steady pace.

Many others had, and still do, make similar products and many more have either failed or had to curtail their businesses for reasons of non-supply, too high a cost of manufacture, or due to failed marketing.

Based in Capricorn Park in the southern suburbs of Cape Town, NewLife Plastics employs as many individuals as it is able to from the area to give these young men a better life.

We manufacture furniture and outdoor products from 100% recycled plastic packing – the plastic packaging you use only once and throw away. We use your plastic bottle caps, jars, milk bottles, tubes and much more to make our long lasting products.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing a long lasting and eco-friendly product. Materials used are of the highest quality, ensuring our products are long lasting and maintenance-free.

We ONLY use plastic packaging waste and put no fillers in to the mix such as sawdust and wood – this means our product will last over 60 years, basically a lifetime! Wooden furniture needs regular maintenance and will eventually need to be replaced. Our products are maintenance free and will not rot or decay. 

We countersink our screws to avoid rust and we smooth out all the rough edges, no more splinters and broken planks. NewLife Plastics furniture and products are durable and long lasting, stronger and denser than wood and available in four colours – brown, blue, green and charcoal black.

The furniture also looks good in your garden and by buying from us, you can tell your friends that you have taken more plastic out of the environment that you are using on an annual basis. We also offer commemorative benches for schools, parks, sports clubs and in memory of a loved one.

All of its partners in business, no matter how small are much appreciated as NewLife does not set itself apart from, but rather sees itself as integral to the SA plastics industry, in the service it offers to its customers and in generating employment.

For more information, see or call for a price brochure on the following numbers: 

Bronwyn on 083 647 6767 or Simone on 082 538 6381