Saturday, April 20

Making saving a good habit

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Dam levels are up, but that should not mean back to wasteful ways

How are you responding now that our dams are back up over the 60% level? Are you starting to cheat, or are you soldiering on and still saving as much as you possibly can?

To be honest, during the cold weather I have added a few extra seconds in a hot shower, but for the rest I think we are now entrenched in our new habits and should continue to do so until all the promised additional supply methods are in place. I am pre-supposing the City of Cape Town and the province are still driving ahead with boreholes and desalination projects.
It all appears to have gone quiet. I raise this because I see there is growing sentiment to have the punitive level 6b water restriction tariffs lifted, and do away with the “pipe levy” among other things. This is all well and good if people keep playing the game. I suggest we need to be tested – can we keep our daily consumption down if restrictions are lifted? 
From a psychological point of view it would be great to see more green gardens and open spaces. I am sure with careful planning and sharing by those of us with well points we can start lightening the mood of the city.
*Handy Mac, aka Don MacAlister, is our expert on household DIY issues. If you have a question for him, please send it to or SMS only to 082 446 3859. Find Don on FB:

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