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Making my blood boil

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It is selfish and illegal to wash your vehicles with potable water

I must kick off with a host of “thank yous” this week. 

Firstly, to Pippa Hudson of Cape Talk for having me back on air for a second time, with another programme planned for the New Year. To Liz for phoning in to the 567 show and thanking me for assistance I gave her when she was altering her home earlier in the year, and to others who phoned in but did not get on air, and finally to Frans and Ann from Fisherhaven and Ninon and Peter from Kirstenhof who kindly invited Mrs Mac and me for meals. 
It is nice to be appreciated. It was an added bonus for Mrs Mac and Peter to find out they share a branch of the same family tree. 
From the good to the bad, this from an anonymous reader really makes my blood boil:
“I have a situation with a company in your industry which seems to think it’s okay to continue to wash all their vehicles with potable municipal water. I have approached them four times about this, with no success. All that has happened is that they now wash the vehicles behind a door in their yard instead of in the open. The last time I approached them they tried to physically intimidate me.
Obviously, they believe keeping their vehicles clean is more important than the legal and moral issues around our water crisis.
I have reported this three times to the authorities, and either they do not actually do anything or if they
do, this company operates outside the law.
Do you have advice?” 
I wish I could name and shame the company, but not having seen what is happening myself makes it a little tricky. 
Plus, what are the authorities doing about this? Instead I appeal to all service providers out there to set an example and avoid washing your vehicles with potable water. The more we draw attention to the
effects of our water shortage the more likely we are to get everybody pulling their weight and saving every drop.

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