Friday, April 19

Listen to your staff

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Happier employees lead to happier clients, says Richard Branson

Hopefully, while you are reading this you are enjoying yet another long weekend.

We have far too many, but we do all need a break. After discussions with our company staff and workforce, we have declared Monday a non-paid holiday.

We figure trying to work on a day which is also a school holiday is not worth the effort. Many people will be taking the day off and the last thing they will want are builders around their homes.

I mention this because it was the workforce who came up with the idea. All too often we don’t listen to our staff.

They asked that we pay them for the day, but deduct one hour a week from their pay for the next eight weeks so they don’t take the knock of not working for a day. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

To all the “bosses” out there, take the time to listen once in a while because you might be surprised by what you learn.

Sir Richard Branson works on the principle of putting your staff first, your clients second and your partners third. His theory is that by doing this he ends up with much happier clients because his staff are happier and providing better service.

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