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The boss of gloss offers many benefits

Synthetic finishes are the dominant trend in SA when it comes to kitchen design, with brands like Rehau becoming household names for their famed boards. 

Many homeowners prefer synthentic boards, not only for their modern look, but also their versatility, uniformity, ease of maintenance and price.

With so many synthetic finishes on the market it’s important to know the real benefits (and downsides) of each material. If we look at gloss finishes as an example, the important questions to ask are: does the material have a smooth lustre or does it contain imperfections? (often referred to as “orange peel”); and how will the material age with normal usage and exposure to sunlight?

If you judge synthetic gloss finishes by these criteria, you will find the ultimate synthetic finish is glass. 2mm slimLINE glass, to be specific. Glass doors offer a flawless gloss – the orange peel you would typically find in a painted or acrylic door is all but indiscernible.

While there are many alternative high-gloss kitchen finishes – ranging from entry melamine and PVC wrap all the way to duco, acrylic and crystal finishes – the quality and perfection of glass is unparalleled.

slimLINE glass also offers the added benefit of a 2mm profile, which means you can maintain a slick and almost seamless look throughout your kitchen.

This is especially important in the execution of a contemporary design. While aesthetics are critical, it’s also important that your kitchen ages well: after all, it’s the most used room in the house.

Glass doors withstand scratches and sunlight with greater resistance than alternative high-gloss finishes such as acrylics, crystal and painted doors.

This makes them suitable for everyday use and makes for easy cleaning too. When it comes to gloss, not all synthetic materials are equal, but if you are searching for the best, slimLINE glass is the answer.

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