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Italcotto: Heat your home economically this winter

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Here are a few options to evolve toward biomass heating this winter.

Everyone wishes to be warm and comfortable in the winter time, but at the same time are aware that heating requires additional energy and also increases their carbon footprint.

Biomass, in the form of wood pellets is a green, sustainable source of energy and also at present, the most economical and reliable heating solution for your home.

Winter is almost here and many of us haven’t really started to think on how we are going to heat our homes, so here are a few options to evolve toward biomass heating this winter.

New automated pellet fireplaces: Our range of freestanding pellet fireplaces vary from the small and compact Petite 6kw perfect for smaller rooms and bedrooms from R17 750 to the largest 16kw Class pellet fireplace at R53 900.

Selected units have the facility to duct warm air to adjacent and surrounding rooms. Ask about the patented multifire system ins-store.

How does a pellet fireplace work: The wood pellets manufactured from compressed sawdust and wood waste from the South African timber industry are automatically fed from a hopper, via an auger, and dropped into a brazier where it automatically is ignited.

The feeding to the brazier is automatically managed thermostatically, to ensure optimum efficiency of fuel used. The advantages of using a wood pellet fireplace is the complete automation, constant energy on demand, high efficiency, high energy output with minimal cleaning and maintenance required.

You can set your pellet fireplace to start up in the morning, before you wake up, thus awakening to a comfortably warm home.

New wood burning closed combustion fireplaces: Choose from a wide range of free standing closed combustion fireplaces. These include the Sena plus, a 12kw at only R14 500, and the stunning Oval 11kw at R22 900 incl vat.

All the fireplaces are of the highest European quality and are backed by reliable structural warranties and after sales service.

Our range of built in closed combustion wood burners are equally cost effective starting with the Coliseo 12.5kw at R14 500, the ADF insert 70, a 12kw at R23 900 and the top of the range 14kw ADF Insert 80 at R27 000.

The double-sided “Kenia” is a perfect divider of two rooms or can be placed in a large open plan space offering a view of the fire from both sides.

The Kenia model is also available as a single sided unit and both are supplied standard with ventilation systems.

In-house installations: As a complete service to you, we now offer all our installations in-house. This ensures your fireplace is installed safely and correctly to European norms by our trained installers.

You will also receive a personal handover of your fireplace by our team to ensure you completely understand the functions and correct operation of the fireplace.

Visit the Calore fireplaces showroom at the Italcotto Design Centre on the Cape Town Foreshore, and now also at our new showroom in Durban Road, Tygervalley.

Our knowledgeable heating specialists are ready to discuss your heating requirements with you.

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