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HiTemp: The wonders of pool heating

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Whether it be solar pool heating or the use of a pool heat pump, there are so many reasons as to why you should heat your pool.

Thousands of South African families will agree that our spring and autumn days are sunny and warm, and find these are beautiful days to spend with family in the pool.

The problem is that the pool temperature does not always allow for this. Thanks to the wonders of pool heating this obstacle has now been eliminated. With the low running costs this is something every homeowner with a pool should have.

With the low running costs of our heat pumps it won’t break the bank monthly and you can enjoy your pool all year round. With our new generation Eco Heat Pumps you can monitor and control the temperature of the heat pump remotely via Wi-Fi and App on your smart device.

Solar pool panels are the best way to have a warm pool and be gracious to our earth and your wallet. This is the ideal option for families living in Eco estates. 

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