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HANDY MAC: Make an effort

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Instead of complaining and waiting for others to act, be the one to take action

I had another great session on Cape Talk 567 with Pippa Hudson the other day, and it struck me we are all growing lazier when it comes to writing because during 20 minutes on the radio, I fielded at least 10 questions.

One woman called to ask if it was possible that the rats suddenly infesting her attic could have been caused by a neighbour having her drains cleaned, and I said it was possible. We often don’t think of the results of our actions, other than the most obvious.

I had another good rant about all the damage caused by fibre installers and encouraged all Cape Town residents to start fighting back, to tackle the council, and hound the cable installers and make them keep their promises.

I was forwarded an email and contacted the writer as it is apparent that if we work together as a community, we can control our own destiny, but it is going to take a concerted effort by everyone in a council ward.

Ashley Marais, chairperson of the Parow North Ratepayers Association, wrote: “I called you earlier to tell you that in our suburb of Parow North, no businesses or even council may do surveys or otherwise without going through our association or neighbourhood watch. If a stranger is spotted doing anything untoward or is knocking on doors doing a survey, they will be sent to the association or the watch to vet and approve the endeavour before they can proceed with their business. When the fibre company left our area, it looked better than when they began.“The moral here is that one needs to be proud and take charge of your area. It’s so easy to complain and expect someone else to sort out problems. Get out of your comfort zone and do something positive. All residents of our Little Jewel of the Cape help to keep it polished. Who cannot be proud of a polished jewel?”

Marais and neighbours have brought together a community which crosses all the lines and barriers that many people still see as a problem – race, religion, language and social standing. As a whole most of us are happy to complain, but we are too “busy” to help solve our problems.

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