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HANDY MAC: Fibre faults

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Don praised the diggers last week, but this week he's not a happy man

Two weeks ago, I wrote about how excited Mrs Mac was because fibre was on the horizon and how impressed I
was with the contractors. That was the first lot. I would
love to name and shame the subsequent contractors, but identifying them is not easy.

The first contractor bored under our and the neighbour’s driveway without damage, but then I arrived home a few nights later to find a hole in my driveway where another contractor had installed a box and now we have a sand pit with two sprinkler pipes missing. Promised repairs to this have not happened.

We have not been consulted and now have a box on the wall at the furthest point away from where we wanted it to be placed. Let’s see what Monday brings.

Breaking news: “Givers of work to be held responsible for employing non-compliant or registered contractors”. This is hot off the press and is what the industry needs. I will investigate and report further next week.

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