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HANDY MAC: Do maintenance

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We need to be prepared if we are going to conquer the country’s power crisis

The load shedding highlights how bad we all are at doing regular maintenance. We are becoming a nation that is reactive instead of proactive and, unless we all pick up the challenge of maintaining our homes, cities and the country, we will slip into the abyss.

Last weekend, after a morning of hard work around the house, and faced with a power outage from noon to 2.30pm, we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at the local mall.

Guess what? The generator at the mall was out of order. I could not ascertain if this was just bad luck or due to lack of servicing of a major piece of equipment.

A hilarious side-effect was walking past a hairdressing salon and watching staff trying to finish perms and tints using the torch lights on their cellphones.

I spent years as a boy scout learning to be prepared and have driven my family mad for years by planning for everything by “working backwards”. So, please do your best to get on top of the current situation. Cape Town proved to the world that by working together as a team, we could tackle the water crisis. Now let’s see what we can do to keep the lights on, without relying on Eskom.

The following report appeared earlier this month: “Ratings agency Moody’s has changed the City of Cape Town’s rating from negative to stable”.

The City of Cape Town said this was due to its management of the drought crisis and its efforts to avert Day Zero. With so little good news about, we should all pat ourselves on the back for this,

I am trying to improve my DIY skills. Last weekend, I extended my micro-jet irrigation system, which runs off our well point, to the external verge, as we continue to try to revive the grass destroyed, along with our permanent irrigation system, by the fibre installers. They did arrive to repair the damaged brick paving on the driveway but for some reason thought I would be happy with the cement they left smeared everywhere.

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