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Grow louder about water

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Don sends open letter to the City of Cape Town about the drought

Dear City Council, 

Will you please become more vocal and visual
about our water crisis? I believe you have a
three-stage plan which ends with me standing
in a queue with a bucket.
This can be avoided if we get our consumption down
to under 500 million litres a day.
I, along with, I hope,
thousands of others, am hitting my 87l a day target, less
than a third of our household allowance of 20 kilolitres
a month. However, those of us who are doing our bit are
going to be punished at the end of the day because of
the “don’t care” attitude of thousands of others across
ALL parts of Cape Town. 
There should be loudspeaker trucks out there issuing
warnings about what will happen if we run out of water.
People need daily reminders in all languages about what
is happening. This must be backed up with shocking
images of what a country is like without water – whatever
it takes to make the message sink in. 
The Master Builders Association Western Cape is
making itself more visible and user-friendly by going on
to social media. I will write more about this in the weeks
ahead, but in the interim please visit the following sites: 

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