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Feedback: Water-wise readers speak out

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Feedback: Water-wise readers speak out

Thanks to all readers
who have sent e-mails
supporting my rant against
the council and their lack
of strong enough messages
to the public about water. 

Here are some readers’
Regarding your letter to
the city – full marks. I’m
not a spring chicken, but
have been saving-savvy
all my life – many times
out of necessity. 
grown up in a nature-loving family I have been aware of resources
and the fact Mother Nature is in charge. When the drought began
to raise its ugly head I did what I could to save, reuse and redirect
water in, on and around my home. 
I don’t need gym fees – carrying
buckets of water gives me free water from the roof and exercise at
the same time. I just haven’t found a recommended person who is
interested in installing a couple of tanks in Somerset West – most
seem only interested in big jobs.
If anyone body knows of a good company installing tanks in
Somerset West please forward the details to me and I will pass them
When we were having electricity cuts a few years ago, a friend
associated with agriculture told me the agri-geo-weather guys at
that stage predicted running out of water. 
The information was
available years ago. These politicians drive me crazy. If they moved
any slower they’d become totally paralysed.
If I was in charge, I’d introduce a by-law stating all new buildings
must have connected tanks and every alteration planned must
also add tanks. 
Here’s another:
With regards to the water crisis – I agree 100% with your article.
I am so angry with the local/provincial and national government for
doing so little about our water crisis. 
I read in the newspapers about tenders that have not even been
awarded yet and it makes me cross. Here I am, doing my best to
save every drop of water I can, and then there’s the government
that still thinks we are going to get winter rain. 
Why don’t we have desalinisation plants up and running or boreholes
that are producing enough water for us all? I do not want to
stand in a queue with thousands of people waiting for five litres of
water. I mean, how did it get to this? Where was the planning? 
I am still keen to set up a series of workshops on how to best use
borehole water. Many service providers are willing to participate
but we need to find venues which can be used without charge.
Please let me have any contacts you may know.
*Handy Mac, aka Don MacAlister, is our expert on household DIY issues. If you have a question for him, please send it to or SMS only to 082 446 3859. Find Don on FB:

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