Saturday, April 20

Feedback: Troubles without trained artisans

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Employ only contractors who are registered and compliant

Rodney has made an impassioned plea for those considering a new build or alterations to employ only contractors who are registered and compliant. He says only this type of contractor is trying to train artisans for the future.

Non-registered contractors poach from those who have trained or carry out work with non-qualified people. The following appeared in the latest Master Builders Association newsletter: Our director in his newsletter clearly spelt out the benefit of employing apprentices. The number of building artisans has decreased. At the end of July, only 1431 were employed in Cape Town/Boland, according to Building Industry Bargaining Council statistics.

Of greater concern is that fewer than 100 apprentices are registered on the council’s database. Skills development is a vital element in the Construction Charter. Unfortunately, we can’t determine the total costs claimed by members for this element.

We can only ask how much of the total spend is spent on apprentice training. It could be that not all apprentices are registered with the council. In the not-too distant future, we will run out of skilled artisans and fall even further behind developed world standards. A skilled artisan is worth his weight in gold. 

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