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Feedback: Solar power or other alternative energy sources

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Invest in a gas appliance for cooking and a few solar-jar lights

A word of thanks to everyone who has sent leads for people they feel are competent to advise on how to proceed with solar power or other alternative energy sources.

I will begin to investigate, as I am loathe to give advice unless I have gone through the process myself. I do believe Eskom is in meltdown. However, government cannot afford a total blackout which means they will keep pumping in money to keep the lights on, until next month at least. What should we do? 

Hardware shops are sold out of generators and inverters and I do worry about how often you would use them anyway. I have a generator and the only time I have used it is to keep the fridge and freezer on when I know the power will be off for more than a few hours. I have only used our inverter to watch television.

My advice is to invest in a gas appliance for cooking and a few solar-jar lights. Also, switch off every possible appliance before a blackout. Mrs Mac and I also keep our freezer virtually empty so the risk of losing food is reduced.

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