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Feedback: Saving pool backwash water

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How to recycle pool and laundry water

Following last week’s question about pool cartridge filters Amanda has written: Regarding recycling of pool backwash water, the locally made Ecogator backwash unit is available and the best price –about R2635 including VAT – for the smaller 300l unit is from Agrimark. 

Being olive green, it blends well in shrubbery and has two outlets. As we are just recovering from installing tanks this month I confess I have not bought one yet, but they come highly recommended and might be another option. 
The same company has a grey water unit by the same name which looks most ergonomic and well designed. 
James has yet more advice on using water from a top-loading washing machine: Your column is a weekly tonic! 
Top-loading washing machines use more water because they can handle more laundry than front-loaders. Baling water from a drum that contains water and washing is rather messy and inefficient, and for little water. 
I have a metre of 40mm plastic pipe into which I hook the outlet and harvest all the water up to the end of the first spin cycle – this can be used for toilet flushing and the garden (my roses love it) and washing outside structures. 
The rinsing water can be also used for pot plants plus as washing
water for a load of dark colours and even lighter laundry. As for germ contamination (really?!) – if you’re finicky, use some
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