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Feedback: Not wild about shower curtains

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The Hansgrohe brand has a foolproof fastener to fix the shower head at the desired height.

Selwyn does not agree with me about adjustable shower heads and has some recommendations: Your comments about the adjustable shower heads that slide up and down a pole really surprised me. In the few renovations that I have done I have always used them and have never had a problem.

The Hansgrohe brand, which I always buy from On Tap, has a foolproof fastener to fix the shower head at the desired height. Most of their models can also adjust the angle of the shower head – which is a must. On the subject of shower curtains over baths, I agree 100%.

Whenever I have encountered one of them, I always wet the outside of the curtain where it can come into contact with the bath and wall tile. This method ensures that the curtain adheres to those surfaces and doesn’t billow – problem kind of sorted.

I have also adopted the wet-the-edge-and-hope approach, but shower curtains are still a no-no for me. Having said that, when we were living in Clanwilliam during our first attempt at early retirement, I never got around to replacing the bath with a separate shower, so we lived with the problem.

It was only after our trip around the US in 2014 that we found a better solution.

In most of the Airbnbs we stayed in there was a double curtain solution: the inner curtain is a plain heavy sheet of vinyl which does not move an inch, while the outer curtain is light and decorated. Mrs Mac discovered a chain of shops called Bed Bath & Beyond, and we returned home with two sets of bath shower curtains. They had crazy designs like the Periodic Table of the Elements (now over our granddaughter’s bath) and the New York subway map.

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