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Feedback: How to keep your swimming sparkling clean

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Bob always has great alternative ideas and methods

Bob has been following my column for years.

He always has great alternative ideas and methods and has sent me the following about keeping your swimming sparkling clean: Some years ago I found the ultimate chemical that solved the problem for a large natural stone pool I had just built at Llandudno.

I was visiting a client and saw the biggest home-built swimming pool I’d ever seen. It was, in fact, a lake, complete with an island and a palm tree. The owners had just retired from a Karoo farm and so missed their dam on the farm that they built this enormous pool.

At first they were tossing in two large tubs of HTH a day. Their daughter, a chemical engineer in Joburg, researched the problem and sent them a drum of highly concentrated weed killer.

I was given a wine bottle of the chemical. Only a few drops were needed a week and my pool was crystal clear for years.

If anyone has a contact with a chemical engineer, they could locate the name of this chemical as it certainly works.

I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has heard about this method because we all need to find all the possible cost savings we can.

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