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Feedback: Google assists the grey water debate

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The grey water debate goes on.

Stephen of Pinelands comments: 
Recently there have been press comments and suggestions relating to grey water usage and benefits. My wife noticed a few plants appeared to be “unhappy”. A certain trap for many users is the word bio-degradable, included in the description of washing detergents. Although the by-products may degrade, this does not necessarily mean they are plant-friendly.

We also noticed a front lawn frequently sprayed with washing machine water was, after a few years, no healthier than a backyard large lawn which received only rain or dew. The conclusion was that we were watering and killing at the same time.

I also did a Google search and eventually found an article which completely vindicated my opinions. If you have not previously read the extract, I trust you will also find it informative.

I must admit I have not studied the use of grey water as much as I should have, mainly because we are lucky to have a borehole for watering the garden.

Having read what you have been sending to me, I will only use it (grey water) for filling the toilet cisterns and possibly the washing machine if it is clean shower water. The article referred to above can be found if you Google “Grey water guidelines for home gardens in Gauteng”.

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