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Feedback: Get into the flow of borehole debate by supporting workshop suggestion

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There is a group of borehole water users swopping emails on the subject.

There is a group of borehole water users swopping emails on the
subject and, in light of what I have said about being careful about how
you use water from them, these remarks from one member might be
relevant to readers.

I receive many queries about similar things regarding borehole water
safety for drinking and pushing through the home. I was wondering
what you thought of running a single workshop to advise those with
boreholes about their options. 
If this makes sense to borehole-owning readers, suppliers could be
invited, pertinent to the processes
● JoJo tanks 
● Pump suppliers 
● Protea Chemicals, who
supply a water softening
● Water, City of Cape
● Solid Waste
Management, City of Cape
Town, for aquifer protection 
● Borehole water analysis/
evaluation specialists.
This is a great idea and I
ask those who are interested
to contact me. Once we have
an idea of the level of interest,
we will book a date and
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