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Feedback: Bob, if you are still reading the column, please contact Handy Mac

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We need to clear up the controversy around my apparent knowledge of a super weedkiller/chemical that is the answer to swimming pool woes.

This note from Tommy summarises the situation:
“I saw your article on pool chemicals and would like to comment.
Some years ago, I made inquiries
about buying into a pool-cleaning
franchise. I did not buy in but was
interested in the fact that they used
a chemical that always left their
pools sparkling clear. I understand
their reluctance to divulge their
secret, but the “what” has continued to intrigue me.
“My question is: why can’t more
detailed information be obtained
from Bob, who you mention?”
I appealed to readers some
time ago to see if anyone could
suggest what this super chemical
could be. Bob, if you are still reading the column, please contact me.
There is obviously a need for a
cheaper option for keeping pools
sparkling – my phone has been
ringing off the hook with people
looking for advice or offering to go
into business with me if I share the
magic formula.
I apologise for the confusion
and will pass on any further information forwarded to me.
*If you have a question for Don, send it to or
SMS only to 0824463859.

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