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Feedback: Always have borehole water tested by reputable laboratory

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Tommy, from Joburg, has sent me this relating to my woes about my well-point water and the sludge I wrote about last week.

Hi Don. Your article in Independent HOME refers. Many boreholes in the Tshwane area (and other parts of the country) have a high iron (Fe) content, which can cause discolouration.

When the borehole water is pumped into the pool, the iron is oxidised by the chlorine in the water, causing it to discolour. Irrigation systems spraying borehole water on to walls can discolour them too.

Good filters, ozone and other media can be used to remove the iron from the borehole water. Always have your borehole water tested by a reputable laboratory before using it. Thanks for your Handy Mac articles.

Don: I am glad to report that after some initial help from two of my willing workforce, who are much more practically minded than I, my first water tank is spotlessly clean.

The submersible pump and flocculator are suspended above the bottom, and pure water is being once again transferred into the holding tank. The system is faster now and I have plenty of clean, pure water for the swimming pool, which is sparkling again as I have been able to backwash three or four times.

No wonder the water was murky. I could not believe what came out of the backwash. Please keep your questions or comments coming to or SMS only to 0824463859


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