Saturday, March 23

False sense of security

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Rising dam levels don’t mean we should become complacent

Apparently Cape Town is using about 520million litres of water a day. I don’t think there is an accurate figure for the city’s population as the estimates cover a wide range. However, assuming there are four million people each using 50 litres of water a day, that gives a daily consumption of 200million litres. 

My question to the City of Cape Town is: where is the other 320million litres going? This is rhetorical because we know that industry, construction, food preparation and beverages consume water. It would be great to see a map of the city showing water usage by area or ward. Why do I mention this when the city has just announced that Day Zero has disappeared over the horizon?
It’s because we must not slip back into bad habits. I visited a reader the other day who proudly showed me the bowl outside the kitchen door where they collect water to wash their hands, and I try and balance this against those on social media who say they are throwing celebratory bath parties.
Don’t we ever learn? Many major cities around the world face the same water problems, but there seems to be an attitude of “It has rained and it will rain again. We’ll worry next year.”
People seem to think it’s time to focus on next year’s elections and shower without thought.
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