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Falcon Fibreglass – pool linings by professionals

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No more water loss, no more black algae – whatever the pool size

If your pool is leaking precious water, a fibreglass lining is one of the few truly effective solutions. 

With the drought tightening its grip and the possibility of further water restrictions on the horizon, it is critical for everyone to do everything they can to conserve water. 

A fibreglass pool lining, which is totally waterproof, will ensure that none of this valuable resource is lost or wasted, while saving you money. 

A fibreglass lining is also the perfect answer to other swimming pool problems such as black algae, stains or a rough surface. 

As a fibreglass lining has a completely smooth, non-porous surface, algae roots can’t grip into it – and just a light brushing is all that is needed to remove it. The pool lining will remain smooth for a decade or more – ensuring easier maintenance, less chemical wastage and more savings.  

Falcon Fibreglass has been lining pools in KZN with fibreglass since 1984. 
Picture: Falcon Fibreglass
Pieter Swanepoel personally supervises Falcon’s highly experienced team of workers. Falcon’s attention to quality and service has remained unchanged over the past 33 years, with all work carried out quickly, cleanly and efficiently. 

It takes two days to empty, clean and line the pool, with no mess left behind. The pool lining is guaranteed because only the approved isopthalic resin is used in the process. 

Large pool expertise:
In addition to relining domestic pools, Falcon Fibreglass also has the expertise and experience to take on much larger pools. Over the years, the company has undertaken work for a variety of commercial establishments and has successfully relined numerous school pools as well as a wide variety of pools in residential complexes, holiday resorts and hotels in and around Durban. 
Although much of Falcon’s work is concentrated in the greater Durban area, the team also travels further afield in KZN – and sometimes even beyond the provincial borders, depending on the size and scale of the project.

Call Falcon Fibreglass cc on 031 702 7962 for a free quote and have peace of mind that your pool will be in the hands of professionals. For more information, log on to, email admin@falconfibreglass or call 084 631 0236.

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