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Ensure good ties

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A good relationship between client and builder can make all the difference

With only four weeks left, it is important for those of you who have builders on site at the moment to ensure you are working well together to get the project as close to completion, if not fully completed, by the time the builders’ break begins.

A good relationship can make all the difference. As I say at this time every year, too much pressure can wreck a contract, but too little can lead to the builder slacking off.

Also remember that the building industry is going through some trying times. As we head toward Christmas, the industry’s goose is certainly not getting fat, as the working days through to the builders’ holidays quickly disappear and the phones of most builders are ominously quiet.

Suppliers are also feeling the pinch and, as the situation gets tighter, quotes should get more competitive. At this time of the year especially, remember that cash is king so hold enough money back to ensure all snags are completed – but do be fair to each other.

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