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Dream Republic: SA’s leading online bed store opens its doors in Umhlanga

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What mattress retailers don’t want you to know

With people like Ariana Huffington, Elon Musk and a host of other industry leaders, health professionals and celebrities all touting the importance of quality rest, one thing is certain: Prioritising your wellness means prioritising your sleep.

Research is increasingly citing poor sleep as the culprit for many modern illnesses. Lack of quality sleep can put you at risk of heart disease, heart attacks, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, depression, hormone imbalances and other chronic illnesses.
During sleep, your brain and complex nervous systems perform daily maintenance. Sleep helps build memories, makes you feel better emotionally and stabilises your blood sugar.
Sleep plays a crucial role in just about every area of the body – regulating your moods and energy levels and managing stress and appetite hormones. 
According to Harvard Medical School, sleep contributes dramatically to your physical and emotional wellbeing. Every function in the body is influenced by sleep.
Dream Republic, South Africa’s premium online mattress retailer, is proud to announce our partnership with Serta – the makers of “The World’s Best Mattress” and Health 24.
We house the largest and complete Serta Range online for your convenience. Why Serta? Serta understands sleep. With mattress technology evolving rapidly, much has changed since you last bought a bed.
For example: we bet you think the feel of a mattress in-store tells you something about the quality of the mattress inside. Not so. While your mattress starts wearing in from the first night you sleep on it, it is only later – 30 days from date of purchase – that you can tell how your mattress will fare in the long run.
The advice given to you by the salesman is merely his opinion. There seems to be a mattress sales outlet around every corner, focusing on prices – claiming to “beat any price”.
This confuses people and tricks them into believing that all beds are the same. Few outlets take the time to understand sleep, and it’s difficult to verify the materials used.
Picture: Dream Republic

Most people buy a bed based on feel at the store, giving the salesman the confidence to convince the customer to take a product that he wants you to. 
Unless you have an opportunity to sleep on other surfaces you will never know whether you made the right choice for you and your budget.
In fact, buying a bed solely on price does not ensure an informed decision has been made. One of the challenges facing customers is the fact that the industry in not regulated in any way, so unless you purchase from a reputable bedding manufacturer, you are not guaranteed that your purchase will be an informed one.
We have also seen some reputable brands in the industry manufacture products with inferior materials in order to match certain price points. Dream Republic has done the groundwork for you. We understand that it is not necessary for you to be an expert in sleep. That’s our role.

We understand that what you feel on the shop floor isn’t a guarantee of what you get longterm. That is why Dream Republic has been launched and why we are the leading online mattress outlet.

We have vetted all the manufacturing processes and taken time to understand the necessary cocktail of foam and fibre layers. These, together with the various exclusive inner-spring systems in your bed, ensure you have comfortable and peaceful sleep until it is time to renew your mattress.

It takes a minimum of 30 nights to adapt to a new sleep surface, and for the mattress and foam layers to settle.

We chose to sell you Serta, because every product is: 

  • Manufactured with world-class materials
  • Employs international standards to give you peace of mind
  • Comes with a 30-day sleep trial for you to test your purchase. That’s right. When you buy a Serta mattress online at Dream Republic, you can simply exchange it for another Serta mattress of equal value if you haven’t found your perfect fit.
Our strong online presence, world class e-store and one-of-a-kind mattresses make us South Africa’s leading online bed store.

* Please visit Dream Republic for in-store specials: 11B Tetford Circle, Umhlanga Ridge, 4319 (Next to Bathroom Bizarre and behind Rocca)

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