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#DayZero is not a hoax

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Conspiracy theorists are out in full force, but dams are empty

Don’t know how many of you follow social media, but I cannot believe the number of people who still believe that our water crisis has been a hoax, especially since Day Zero has been “postponed” to next year. 

The conspiracy theorists are out in force,and I find it unbelievable how people can twist things to fit their particular beliefs.
I think the only claim I have not seen is that the water crisis can be blamed on aliens. Hopefully we are now going to be off the subject of water for a while and I can chat about other things.
I know the crisis was real – I visited the empty dams. Let’s make sure it never happens again.
The people of our fair city have done our part and will continue to do so. We must now ensure that all levels of government do what is necessary to re-earn our respect and votes by making sure that all the necessary protective measures are put in place.
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