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Curtain Master for window dressing

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Previously only used in offices, blinds are now finding space in private homes. In recognising this growing trend, Curtain Master has introduced designer blinds – with the option for motorisation – for discerning clients looking for the latest in decor.

The company has emerged as a specialist in window dressing and curtain and blind designing. “Blinds bring a warm homely look to houses and apartments, and the variety of styles means there is a type that will suit every fashion and taste. 

“Roman blinds are created using beautiful Turkish fabrics and Italian fringes, while roller blinds use U&G Fabrics block-out material as its beautiful lining,” the company says.

Other options include double roller or doppio blinds that allow for different amounts of light to filter into the room according to personal taste and adjustments. 

There are hundreds of different colours, patterns and types of blinds to suit everyone’s desires. Curtain Master has the expertise to assist clients with their curtaining and blinds decision-making – from coming to customers’ homes or offices to assess their requirements to free measurements and quotations. 

“With 25 years in the curtain game, we can advise clients on the different headings like pinch pleat, goblet pleat, round or flat pleats and beads over buttons.



“There are choices over tape like waterfall or butterfly, while covering that tape are a variety of fancy pelmets, also coming in different colours, patterns, shapes and accessories such as mirrors,” the company says.

Curtain Master has designated specialist teams working side by side to ensure our customers are satisfied. There is a dedicated specialist measurements team, a separately designated team for installations and the window designer specialists who cohesively work with clients to ensure the best-suited curtains and/or blinds for a beautiful home.

The company has its own factory where its curtains and blinds are sewn and assembled, while its various showrooms display just a fraction of the options and products from which clients can choose, before they get to see their designs transformed into beautiful window dressings for their home.

“In the past quarter century, thousands of people have tried and tested the Curtain Master experience, walking away as satisfied clients.

“This serves to prove our service and workmanship,” the company says.

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