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The Bakkie Brigade is making the most of tough economic times

Over the past few weeks I have been moaning about the state of the construction industry and noting how it is the good guys who suffer most.

Rodney, a builder of many years’ standing who has sent me feedback, is also not happy with the way things are going.

He says: “Regarding the state of our industry, and after 30 years renovating upmarket homes and the like, it is cold comfort to know it is not only me feeling the pinch. I agree that the economic downturn and the water crisis are contributing to problems the industry is experiencing right now. However, these are just the plasters covering a much deeper wound, that of unregistered and non-compliant contractors.

“Until the Building Industry Bargaining Council gets the message out to architects and the general public, and until the council sends out inspectors and takes action, the problem will get worse. While there may not be lots of work, most of it is going to the Bakkie Brigade.

“The most annoying thing for those of us who are trying to follow the law and the rules of the industry is the fact that those who should know better just merrily go ahead and appoint contractors who are non-compliant.”

If you’re interested, I will be back on Cape Talk on April 26, chatting to Pippa Hudson at 1.30pm.

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