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Call Fabritech to clean your curtains and blinds of every fabric type, size or quantity

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Should disaster strike, Fabritech is the company to turn to.

Fabritech repairs flood and leak damage as well as water spills, and will refurbish any fabrics, such as curtains and carpets, which may have smoke damage after a fire. It also handles insurance claims.

But you don’t have to wait for a disaster for Fabritech to come to your aid. Fabritech will ensure your soft furnishings are fresh and clean. The company makes all sorts of window dressings too, from curtains to blinds, Venetian blinds and pelmets.

It also alters, repairs and installs all types of curtains and blinds. With 36 years’ experience, Fabritech offers a door-to-door curtain cleaning service. Teams take down the curtains, take them to the Durban North factory to be cleaned, then return and rehang them, usually within two days.

Customers include hotels, B&Bs, schools, theatres, offices, convention centres and private homes. Fabritech, with the largest traditional dry-cleaning capacity in KwaZuluNatal, can handle any quantity or size.

Cleaning includes sanitising and deodorising, so curtains and blinds come back fresh. Fabritech also cleans Persian rugs, kelims and other carpets, upholstery, clothes and feather products, such as pillows and mattresses.

Before    After

Specialists tackle repairs of Persian rugs and kelims, and apply fabric treatments including flame retarding, stain repelling and pre-shrinking.

If Fabritech can’t do the job, it’s unlikely anyone can.


5 Constantia Park, 1415 Chris Hani Road, Redhill, Durban North.

Call 0315691068/ 0823326099

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