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As good as a holiday

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Even a small, inexpensive change can make a big difference

What a pleasure it is to be sitting in my study, writing and watching the rain fall, something that has not been happening enough but, hopefully, the tide is turning. The pleasure of the rain is offset by another bout of flu. I really must start taking note of the tips everyone sent me about avoiding nasty bugs on planes.

This will be the last column written from my present study, as Mrs Mac has the moving bug again, luckily not houses, only rooms.

She has decided “my” study has more work surfaces and, as she runs her business from four computer screens, it is time for a change to save her having to swivel around on her chair so much. I am excited because it means I get the library back, plus a change of scenery. 

Apart from the fact that this is seriously going to affect my planned afternoon of sport watching, I mention it because we often forget even a small change can make a big difference to our lives without costing a lot of money. When you feel things are getting a little tedious around the home, especially once your children have left and you have time on your hands, try changing your surroundings. 

Paint a room a different colour, change a light fitting, buy a new shower rose, move the furniture. I promise a small change will motivate a chain reaction.

With winter arriving late, and my having been away, I have not had a chance to talk about what you should be doing before winter sets in. Of course, it is now too late to talk about getting all those little maintenance jobs done, as you don’t want to work in the rain and all the contractors are booked up.

So, please start making a list now of all those minor things you are noticing – the leak which is just a few drops, water ponding where paving has sunk or drainage channels that are so cracked the water is disappearing and causing damage to the foundations. 

I have just come back from our little local shopping centre and noticed the area is full of buckets catching water from leaks (see picture). I remember seeing one bucket last year – this year there are at least 12 of them. As the old saying goes, no smoke without fire, so don’t ignore problems.

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